How To Remove Grease Stains

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Greasy stains, or oily type stains are extremely difficult at times to remove from fabrics, which includes clothing, carpets, rugs, or tableware, and can be just as nightmarish to get them off of a floor tile or other area or surface. The question of how to remove grease stains has more answers than you might imagine, depending on the type of product you're trying to remove the grease stain from, but there are multiple methods that can be effective, depending on what type of grease made the stain.


Whatever you're doing, be it garage work, changing a tire or cooking on the stove, a grease stain can occur and how to remove grease stains is going to be uppermost in your mind until you get rid of it. None of us wants our clothing or home items to be stained to the point that they are unusable, and when they are unsightly or the stain is left to gain ground, for the most part, we're not going to bring it out in public are we?


Likewise, your grill or tile in your outdoor kitchen can also become stained with grease and finding out how to remove grease stains is the only thing that's going to actually save it. In some cases, soaking the grill down with a degreasing solution accompanied by some light scrubbing with a stainless steel pad will do the trick when it comes to removing the stubborn greasy build up that can take place over time with cooking items. When it doesn't, your best bet is going to be to soak the grill plates with a solution of degreaser and permit them time to soak, usually about an hour will do the trick.


Then take paper toweling an wipe away the excess grease prior to scrubbing lightly and if necessary re-using your degreasing solution


Finding out how to remove grease stains from clothing may take a bit of trial and error on your part, with some soaking, a moderate amount of rubbing and perhaps leaving the clothing alone to soak overnight to permit the degreasing solution to work.


When it comes to how to remove grease stains from clothing, flooring or furniture, usually the best solution is going to be a liquid degreaser, but always check to assure that its not going to discolor your fabric in an inconspicuous place prior to using it on the overall item

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How To Remove Grease Stains

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This article was published on 2010/01/27